Researching in Paris, Day 2

Today was a mixed-bag. The wonderful news is that a dear friend from Ireland came to visit for the day and we had lunch and a drink later and caught up after 2 years. The bad news is, later in the day, a kerfuffle of sorts broke out, and in the mess I lost my notebook full of novel-notes, rough drafts of novel scenes, writing exercises, insights from the retreat, and a lot of the research I’ve done in the past couple months… so… that happened. But I have my name and address in it, so I hope some kind-hearted chickadee who’s chanced upon it in Paris might mail it back to me. That happens sometimes, right?

I feel like there’s not much more I can say at this point. Bonsoir, Paris. Bonsoir, notebook. Bonsoir, moon.


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