Top 15 Classic Burlesque Queens

Here’s a fun little youtube clip adventure through the top 15 Burlesque performers. If you’re anything like me and have an intense fear and hatred of parrots and parrot-like tropical birds, then maybe avoid Rosita Royce’s “Bird Dance.” She’s talented and gorgeous, but THOSE WERE BY NO MEANS DOVES! Parrots are evil, but Burlesque is forever. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. I’ve been writing for many, many hours now.

Simply Burlesque

The ’30s, ’40s,  ’50s and ’60s were exceptional times for striptease artists. Hundreds of theaters and clubs across the country catered to burlesque and even Hollywood came calling. Hundreds of  extraordinarily beautiful women made careers teasing  eager audiences with carefully planned and, by today’s standards, modest displays of flesh. What makes a classic burlesque queen? Here at Simply Burlesque the criteria is simple:

  • beauty: the performer had to be easy on the eyes with a stunning figure to match
  • dance ability: the best burlesque strippers could easily glide across a stage and keep a beat
  • striptease ability: since burlesque is about the art of teasing, the queens of this field were the ones who could be seductive without being lewd
  • gimmicks: whether she used a fan, her stockings, an animal or balloons, classic burlesque queens always had a little something extra to captivate the audience
  • performance: song choice and costumes…

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