Report from Aug 12th – Flight

Aw! I missed this post. But it’s so nice to take a mind-walk through that night at Spoken Word Paris again– so many talented readers and performers! Check them out, and please go if you’re lucky enough to be in Paris.

SpokenWord Paris

Report by David. Photos by Norma.

Jessica Reidy opened with a strong prose piece about being Romany but disconnected from those roots, living in these days of anti-Romany racism. You can read the whole piece at Narrative Magazine (sign up is free.)
Bill never left the bar but thinks the government is real.
Devon compared you to a comparison.
MacDara read TS Eliot (East Coker, Part V) – “20 years largely wasted trying to learn to use words…”
David Jaggard asked: How terrible was air travel in the Dark Ages?
Drake wore his stupidity like a lighthouse and played Turkish flute between the lines.
Yoshka was healed by poetry.
Jennifer talked about swallows in the hour of arrows.

Bernard dazzled with French wordplay in “Moi, ton toi.”
Erika was in the city of Love with no-one to love.
Thundercat (yes, Thundercat) advised “fly like a stone thrown to strike a lover’s…

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