August 9 – Writing & Yoga at the Château de Verderonne

Cambridge Writers' Workshop

Writing life Writing life

Day three of the Yoga and Writing Retreat was spent exploring the mystery of the Château de Verderonne and using our finds as fuel for our writing, eating French food, and working out our kinks on the yoga mat. We earned the clinks of “Salut” by the end of the day. (Always make eye contact in your toasts!)

Start the day with journaling and green jasmine tea before morning rejuvenating yoga with Elissa.

image Rita’s mystery object from her “Evocative Object Workshop.”

Rita’s  mystery object from her “Evocative Object Workshop” came with a surprise twist: we’re still not sure what it is. Hoof-fork? One of the many charming (and evocative) mysteries of the Château de Verderonne that inspired our poems, stories, songs, essays, and screenplays.

image Verderrone, ever-blooming.

A stroll around the gardens helped us choose our own “evocative objects” to write about.

image The old horse bath, now teeming with plant life…

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