August 15 – Cambridge Writers’ Workshop takes on Chantilly!

Cambridge Writers' Workshop

Today the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop headed off to Chantilly, known for it’s lovely whipped cream, genuflecting horses, and fancy French lace! (La vie française est toujours magnifique!!)  The day started off with a casual stroll through Chantilly’s downtown area where some of our participants made friends with the local cats 😉  Next up, an amazing hat and jewelry shop where our writers tried on some French berets and classic fedoras and struck a pose worthy of any good hard-boiled femme fatale 😉  After our Chantilly noir moment, we stopped by a local teahouse for some café gourmand, and then headed off to the stables to see the genuflecting horses!  The show, Cheval, Rêve, & Poesie, featured dancing horses, acrobats, court jesters, and beautiful music and costumes from France, Russia, Spain, China, and India!  After the program, some of the ladies sat down for a drink and observed the…

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