Video: Learn More About Granada, Andalucía, Spain & Apply to Our Summer in Granada Writing Retreat

As if you needed another reason to come to Granada with me this summer!

Cambridge Writers' Workshop

In this video, European travel expert Rick Steves explores Granada, Andalucía, Spain. He catches Flamenco dancing in a public park, feasts on paella, admires stunning views of the Alhambra, and travels through the history of Granada’s Gypsy (Roma) culture and Moorish roots. It’s no wonder that Granada is an international destination and the location of one of our summer writing retreats!

The Summer in Granada Writing Retreat will take place at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucía, Granada, which is one of the gems of Spain and has inspired writers from Washington Irving to Salman Rushdie to Ali Smith.

The retreat offers the opportunity for writers of all genres and levels to work alongside award-winning authors & editors like Peter Orner (fiction, nonfiction), Rita Banerjee (poetry, fiction), Diana Norma Szkoloyai (poetry, nonfiction), and Jessica Reidy(fiction, poetry). Yoga will be led by Elissa Lewis.

The retreat will…

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