Katarina “Katitzi” Taikon And Her Immortal Tale Of The Swedish Roma


As the years and decades go by, the works of Swedish Romani writer Katarina “Katitzi” Taikon still strike a chord with many across Europe.

Taikon’s most famous work, the semi-autobiographical book series “Katitzi” tells the story of a young Romani girl growing up in 1940’s Sweden. Written primarily for children, the series, which was televised in 1979, was also a thought-provoking read for adults as it challenges the prejudices of educated people.

As a 9-year old, lead character “Katitzi” returns to her Romani family from an orphanage where her innocence helps to give a stark portrayal of the prejudices faced by the Roma in Sweden at the time.

This clip from the television series was taken from the first episode of Katitzi where her father comes to pick her up from the orphanage.

Promoting inter-cultural understanding, the books awoke older readers to the realities of social and political shortcomings…

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