Do you want to model? Are you an artist or a writer? ‘Cause Quail Bell might like to see you

The Quail Bell Crew seeks writer models for its signature Photo Tales. Our models may come in any shape, color, or size, but they must possess self-confidence. All shoots are produced and photographed by women, so no worries about the male gaze. You’re encouraged to write your own accompanying poem, flash fiction, or statement (because brains are sexy), and to select your own vintage or indie designer outfits. We like our models to be an equal part in the creative process. Contact us today and you might see yourself featured soon.

Here’s mine! It’s an American-Roma style shoot with a vintage Gunne Sax dress and Indian vest from The Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, green glass beads from Great-great grandmother Mathilde, and my poem. Photo Tale: Free Spirits


Great-great grandmother Mathilde in her traditional Romani dance garb. Image from “Romani Fashion and the Politics of Dressing ‘Gypsy'”

And here are my other Quail Bell Romani fashion adventures: “Real Gypsy Looks” and “Romani Fashion and the Politics of Dressing ‘Gypsy’

Quail Bell Photo Tale: “Free Spirits”


I don’t know how I forgot to mention this on here, but I’m very honored to be in Quail Bell’s Photo Tale “Free Spirits” as the poet and model. There are so many things that I love about Quail Bell Magazine— it’s a fantastically beautiful indie lit and art mag that ranges feminism to the surreal, and these photo tales are such A GREAT IDEA! Fashion, diversity, and poetry should always be together. And I’m especially stoked because Quail Bell let me explore my two favorite things: Romani fashion fusion and complicated identity.

This is especially dear to me because “Gypsy” fashion shows up a lot in magazines and usually trades on offensive and misguided stereotypes about the culture, and usually doesn’t acknowledge that it is a culture at all. This is an utterly depressing state of affairs. So thank you, Quail Bell, for being progressive and delightful, and for letting me be a part of something I love. 

Photo Credit: Christine Stoddard, photographer and Quail Bell Editor extraordinaireImage