Quail Bell Photo Tale: “Free Spirits”


I don’t know how I forgot to mention this on here, but I’m very honored to be in Quail Bell’s Photo Tale “Free Spirits” as the poet and model. There are so many things that I love about Quail Bell Magazine— it’s a fantastically beautiful indie lit and art mag that ranges feminism to the surreal, and these photo tales are such A GREAT IDEA! Fashion, diversity, and poetry should always be together. And I’m especially stoked because Quail Bell let me explore my two favorite things: Romani fashion fusion and complicated identity.

This is especially dear to me because “Gypsy” fashion shows up a lot in magazines and usually trades on offensive and misguided stereotypes about the culture, and usually doesn’t acknowledge that it is a culture at all. This is an utterly depressing state of affairs. So thank you, Quail Bell, for being progressive and delightful, and for letting me be a part of something I love. 

Photo Credit: Christine Stoddard, photographer and Quail Bell Editor extraordinaireImage