Healthy juices & smoothies and Gypsy Cuisine– The Daily Meal recipe round-up!

In case you were wondering about juice cleanses, smoothies for energy, making healthy drinks exciting and tasty, and Romani (Gypsy) cuisine, here are The Daily Meal articles I wrote over the summer. I notice that I create a lot more (and better) and I am a whole lot happier when I’m taking good care of myself. I hope these make you feel good!

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Mango banana brazil nut smoothie


In the morning I don’t enjoy extraneous thinking or preparations. I need to write in my feelings journal and do some yoga and then get straight to the business/teaching/novel combo. That cocktail needs a chaser though, and this is a pretty good one. Smooth and sweet. Like nice things. And it’s quick to make so if you don’t have time to shower without awkward, soapy multi-tasking then you might appreciate a liquid breakfast that won’t get you drunk.

1 cup of baby spinach
2 frozen bananas
1 peeled and chopped mango
6 unroasted Brazil nuts
Maple syrup to taste
2 cups filtered water

Brazil nuts are especially good for men’s health and Len loves this smoothie. So he’s the poster boy (unavailable for photos).