Happy Belated St. Paddy’s Day– an assortment of Irish telly and our dog in a novelty tie

It wasn’t until I lived in Ireland, outside of the university, and watched a lot of Irish TV, that I felt like I understood Len.

It’s important to know which children’s TV shows may give your Irish loved ones acid-like flashbacks

and to be aware of the popular discourse of their childhood

and to recognize superior Irish satire (apropos the gay marriage referendum in Ireland today)

So watch Irish telly and go live in Ireland so you can better understand your Irish loved one’s hatred of squeaky puppets, feelings about wooden spoons, and opinions on the contemporary social issues of the mother country. Len watched this last video about 4 times today– brilliant. That’s the thing– Americans hear all the time that the British are best at satire, but really the self-aware genius and tongue-in-cheek bitterness of Irish satire is a well-kept secret. Ireland is more or less unflappable but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to say–

“Yeah we’re being colonized by these brutes and starving by their hands and laws, and sure, things look awful dark. But you know what? The enemy has a point. And you know what I think you starving poor should do? Eat your children. That’s right. Eat your most useless children like the animals they are. For the good of the colony and for the vitamins. Because you’re starving.” — exact quote from Jonathan Swift

Moreover, the Irish understand, first hand, the pain of inequality. We have big hopes that gay marriage and equal rights for LBGTQI will pass with flying colors.

All hail the terrifying hilarity of Irish satire– all hail the complexity of one of my favorite places in the world–and all hail our dog in costume!

(Len’s Mam and stepdad sent us an adorable celebration package that the puppy is modeling)


Why yes, that is a Hello Kitty lava lamp in the corner.


I have the best in-laws and the best husband. And the best chihuahua-mutt. And the best roommates. Best of everything! Happy Paddy’s Day!