So, a contributing editor nominated “We Rise Up” in Narrative Magazine for a Pushcart Prize. What?

I’ve been sitting on my good news for a while, mainly because I kept thinking, “Yeah, but, I’m sure it’s a mistake,” or “He was just being nice and I don’t really deserve it so I shouldn’t really tell anyone,” and “What?”. But after talking it over with genius friends, it became apparent that to say nothing would be really quite silly. So that’s it. The story, “We Rise Up” (Opre Roma) was Narrative’s “Story of the Week” back in August, and  I’m honored to the point of extreme awkwardness. And this Pushcart season is especially exciting because a bunch of super talented FSU writers were also nominated and everyone should read their stuff!

Much, much love to everyone, especially all my workshops! I’ve had a lot of smart people say smart things to help me out, and that particular piece came from my first MFA workshop with Robert Olen Butler.


“We Rise Up” is Narrative Magazine’s Story of the Week

“We Rise Up” is Narrative Magazine’s Story of the Week

I am overjoyed and honored that my short story “We Rise Up” is Story of the Week in Narrative Magazine. This story is especially important to me– I’m grateful to be able to share it in one of my favorite magazines. So much love.

ETA: I feel like I should add that the Rromanes title, Opre Roma, translates to “we rise up.” Also, Narrative asks you to make an account to read it, but it’s free, and you aren’t obligated to sign up for any of their awesome emails.