Debut issue of Blacktop Passages: Owls can get it!

Now get. in. this. car. because there are some seriously wonderful writers in this gorgeous new literary journal, including Olivia Wolfgang-Smith with “Driving Directions to the Illegal Owl Prowl”, Lauren Fusilier with A selection from Stay: a novel, Steve Lapinsky with “Potholes” and many others! Read it digitally and/or order the hard copy. Either way, it’s a good thing.


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Founded in early 2013, Blacktop Passages is a literary review dedicated to the open road. Whether by interstate or local road, by car or by foot, we seeks to publish the finest work about kickin’ the dust up and hittin’ the trail.

Blacktop Passages wants to serve as a home for stories inspired by that feeling of speeding down a long stretch of highwaypowerful poemsbrought on by the hum of tires on pavement, and lucid meditations on everything from the U.S. Interstate System to that one little truck stop off I-10. We’re a safe-haven for the stories of transition that are often overshadowed by the destination. We’re a journal of the road, for the road–a magazine for every lonely traveler who’s ever needed a break from the reality of one mile after another, for all the quiet passengers looking for an escape from the journey, or a celebration of it.

As long as it’s a great piece and it’s about the road, Blacktop Passages is happy to have your work in our pages. All we want is thoughtful writing, full of the feelingconflict, and desire that radiates from the being on the road.


Check out for more about the journal, editors, and the submission guidelines (because you should submit).

“I write because magic.” Laura Steadham Smith’s manifesto in Quail Bell Magazine

 Laura Steadham Smith’s manifesto as part of the “why I do what I do” series in Quail Bell Magazine, “Another Manifesto: Where Stories Come From”

“I write because magic.” And you know what? Smith’s whole manifesto is magic so get to it:



Image: Laura Steadham Smith

Quail Bell Magazine is accepting essays, manifestos, rants from artists and writers of all kinds on what they do and why until 3/30. Send your submissions to


Quail Bell Magazine wants to know what you do and why you do it. Here’s my deal.

I wrote this outside all at once after thinking about it almost non-stop for 3 days. So artists, writers, magic-makers, think about it: why do you do what you do? And what is it that you do? Get back to Quail Bell with a creative essay by 3/30. We all want to know. Email yours to

“Invocation invites manifestation”



I’ll be honest with you– it was an intense realization. There’s a lot more ego and angst than I like to admit mixed-up in my creative drive. There’s also an unruly amount of joy, wonder, and hallucinogenic imagination, so it evens out. All of it’s just fine.