Success is Waiting by Buzz Durkin, available now!

51KDM0kNcFL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I had the pleasure of editing Mr. Buzz Durkin’s debut book Success is Waiting, which details his experience and advice founding and successfully running Buzz Durkin’s Uechi Karate School. This was hands-down one of my favorite jobs– Mr. Durkin is such a kind, intelligent, and driven person and those qualities come through in his writing. So if you are a martial artist and you’re considering opening your own studio, I really think you should let Mr. Durkin be your guide. He has decades of martial arts practice and exprience and is highly respected in the martial arts community for good reason. People from all over the country seek him out for advice on how to build a strong and successful dojo and foster a community of learning, and that’s why he’s written this book which is now available on Amazon, already with sparkling reviews. Congrats, Mr. Durkin and William Leith who worked so hard on making this book great. It was wonderful working alongside you both.

The Fairy Exits: photography and fiction by William Leith in Quail Bell Magazine

In “The Fairy Exits,” William Leith turned me into a whirling dervish fairy with his photography genius and wrote a fanciful flash fiction to match for Quail Bell Magazine. Let me tell you, modeling for this shot was super fun. Lots of twirling lights and nocturnal fairy business.



“The Fairy Exits” by William Leith. Click the image for the full story in Quail Bell Magazine!

It all started with a chickadee


Click the chickadee to read The Poet Time origin myth in Quail Bell Magazine, myth by William Leith and chickadee by Leonard Reidy. It’s ridic cute. We think she’s so cute in fact that we’ve asked chickadee to be our new mascot. She’s agreed, but she demands a very high salary of millet and fine wine. Kind of a diva, this one.

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