Fortune Telling, Dance, & Healing

History– Fortune telling, dancing, and energy work are my Romani (“Gypsy”) family trades. While some Roma do practice fortune telling and the like, not all of us do, and it is a trade that grew out of centuries of brutal persecution. Our forced-nomadism required that our ancestors to come up with work they could do anywhere, and gadje (non-Roma) believed that we had magical powers (of course we don’t) and so the tradition of fortune telling was born.Our energy healing grows out of our own medicinal tradition, which is different than the energy work that Roma would perform for outsiders who believed that we were witches or magic workers.

Similarly, while Roma have been historically mistreated and still face a global human rights crisis, gadje have always seemed to enjoy us performers, and Roma have a very rich culture of dance and music.

My grandmother taught me to read fortunes, dance, and practice hands-on healing, and I’ve worked these trades since I was a child, and while I feel very lucky that these parts of my culture have survived the Romani and Sinti genocide of WWII when my grandmother fled Germany after the war, it’s important that these trades are understood for what they really are and not romanticized.

Fortune telling: I read tarot, palms, and tea leaves as a way to help clients work through their cross-roads and life-changes with the aid of symbols and metaphor. If this is something you would like to try, you can contact me to book an in-person or Skype session, or you can find me at Tarot Society. I also read at parties, festivals, performances, and corporate events.

Dance: I’ve been lucky to study learn dance from my grandmother and a number of other teachers, and in my own performance I enjoy a Romani-Bellydance fusion. I’m available for bookings and enjoy performing at artistic and corporate events, with bands, at festivals, and a number of other types of venues.

Energy Healing: As well as learning hands-on energy healing from my grandmother, I am Reiki II certified. My style is a fusion of the two traditions, and while I use light touch, if you prefer not to be touched, the methods are just as effective without it. Energy healing can be effective for easing some mental, emotional, and physical ailments, but it should not replace care from your doctor.

You are welcome to make booking inquiries through the “Contact Me” page.


Top photo by Oscar Fuertes