Pam Grier and NIWRC Fundraiser

As a reminder for my National Indigenous Women Resource Center fundraiser, here’s a New York Times Magazine Pam Grier interview, “Pam Grier on maintaining her independence and identity in showbiz.” Pam Grier is a Black Indigenous actress, and a survivor. I love her answer to the following question about her experience as a survivor and acting in Blacksploitation films.

“Given your personal history, was it hard to act in movies that often featured the threat of sexual violence? It’s in a lot of the blacksploitation films.”

“Sure, but by being nude in those movies I was trying to help men understand. Society created this mystery about the vagina, the breasts. When you create a mystery, people want to see it and attack it if they can’t have it. So I was like, here’s the mystery. I hope I bore you and you’ll never get a hard-on again.”

Check out the full NYT Mag article, and my birthday fundraiser for NIWRC, an Indigenous-run organization benefiting Indigenous survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. If you can’t give, please share!


Fundraiser for National Indigenous Women Resource Center

For my birthday, I ask that you join me in raising $1,000 for National Indigenous Women Resource Center to support Indigenous survivors of rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, and related crimes. Indigenous womxn are targeted, and suffer this type of violence up to 10x more than Caucasian women, depending on the location. Romani womxn in Europe face similar types of targeted violence at similar rates, and since we it’s July, I’ve been thinking about ways to be a better ally to Indigenous communities. As a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, this is close to my heart. I’ve seen the way this kind of targeted violence has devastated my Romani family. I live on stolen land where the Indigenous communities are still fighting valiantly for basic rights, and that means I have an obligation to support this fight. Indigenous-run organizations are doing important work, and I admire their activism. I invite you to join me in supporting their work, no matter how small the contribution. If you can’t give, please make an effort to share this charity and amplify Indigenous voices this month. Champion Indigenous artists, writers, innovators, humanitarians, and more and share their work with me and others in your circle. Thank you!

You can donate to my fundraiser here:

Palmistry Workshop with Seagrape Apothecary 8/2

I’m teaching a virtual palm reading workshop for Seagrape Apothecary on August 2nd, 1 PM PST on Zoom. I’m going to cover a brief history of palmistry, how persecution and stereotypes have shaped Roma’s relationship to fortune telling, the basic art of how to read a palm, and how to strengthen your interpretations. My grandmother began teaching me how to read palms when I was five, so it’s a practice very dear to my heart. I’m excited to talk about the practical and political side of this branch of fortune telling, as well as the spiritual perspectives that some readers have. You can register here through EventBrite!