Honeycomb Smoothie


Some weekends are full of luxurious pillows and rolling around. I just described our dog’s weekend. My weekend is work that I didn’t get to because of other work, but that’s ok. I imagine that I am enormously important, and that delusion works very nicely. I learned that from the dog, actually. So to keep my energy up and my cold at bay, I made this smoothie with Len. Pollen and honey have antimicrobial properties and they are great for sustaining energy. Athletes often take a spoonful of honey for endurance, which is perfect for me because I will be sitting around and writing all day, but I might want to pace and rant about the futility of it all with expressive hand movements later. I’d like it to be an option anyway.

2 cups watermelon
2 frozen bananas
1 big handful of baby spinach
1 tsp local raw honey*
1 tsp of local bee pollen
1 and 1/2 cup of water

*I love Honey Pax Tupelo honey  www.honeypax.com

Obviously if you are allergic to pollen, don’t have it for breakfast.


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